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     24" x 36",  Oil on gessobord

     12" x 15",  Black and white charcoal on museum board

     9" x 15.5",  Pastel on museum board

     10" x 11.5",  Pastel on museum board

     9" x 12",  Pastel on museum board

     8" x 10",  Black and white charcoal on museum board

     9" x 12",  Black and white charcoal on museum board

     14" x 15 1/2",  Pastel on museum board

This pastel was a very exciting endeavor for me! It was created for the AAEA's 2010 Spring Invitational Show, entitled "A Salute to the World Equestrian Games, 2010." After being invited to this show, I knew I wanted to enter something that fit the equine competition theme. When I came across my photo of this horse and rider, I was struck by the determination and focus in their eyes, and I thought it would be perfect for the show. And that is how Eyes on the Prize came to be!

     17" x 19",  Pastel on museum board

     17" x 19", Pastel on museum board

      11" x 14", Black and white charcoal on museum board

This is another thoroughbred that caught my eye one morning at Keeneland. I loved the lighting and the horse's expression in this picture. He looked so eager for his morning workout and seemed to be soaking it all in!

      18" x 24", Oil on canvas

      11" x 14", Black and white charcoal on museum board

This is Pretty Boy Floyd, the resident Appaloosa at the Kentucky Horse Park. I was able to photograph him during the Parade of Breeds show. His coloring was so unlike anything I had done before, and I thought he would make an exquisite charcoal! 

     15" x 21",  Black and white charcoal on museum board

I had wanted to do another horse in charcoal, and I was immediately drawn to this gypsy cob. I loved his thick mane, tail, and feathers, and I thought his coloring would be interesting for a charcoal. Doing his dapples was a much more tedious task than I thought it would be, but in the end it was all worth it!

     16" x 20", Black and white charcoal on museum board

This painting captured Croton Road's victory in the 2007 VID Stakes. Croton Road is a stakes winner by Mr. Greeley, and his earnings have surpassed $200,000. His racing record also includes a 2nd place in the 2006 Calder Derby.

     18" x 24", Oil on canvas

Keeneland Race Course in Lexington, Kentucky, is one of my favorite places to photograph horses, and one morning I caught these two thoroughbreds putting in their morning breeze. Even though it was only a workout, they were giving a hundred and ten percent of themselves, and I wanted to capture their heart and competitive spirit. 

     20" x 30", Oil on canvas

Here, turf champion Sunshine Forever is seen enjoying his retirement at Old Friends in Lexington, KY. I have been to Old Friends several times, and it is always such a thrill to see him and other ex-racehorses (some famous and some not) getting to live out a horse's dream. For more information about this great facility, please visit  www.oldfriendsequine.org

     16" x 20", Oil on canvas

Jake was photographed at the Parade of Breeds show at the Kentucky Horse Park in 2006. I had never seen this breed before, and I thought the contrast of his black and white coloring would make for a stunning charcoal. But I never imagined he would be such a big hit! Jake's portrait was actually selected to promote the 2008 AAEA Fall Art Show.               www.aaea.net

     14" x 21", Black and white charcoal on museum board

This pastel was inspired by my first visit to Assateague Island. It was breathtaking to see these wild ponies up close in their natural environment, and I so enjoyed putting together a scene of their everyday life. This pastel is so realistic, in fact, that at one art show the jurors had to bring in an expert to verify that it was a pastel and not a photograph.

     14" x 40", Pastel on museum board

Afleet Alex was a major force in the 2005 Triple Crown. After he overcame a near-devastating collision with Scrappy T to capture an incredible victory in the Preakness Stakes, I knew I just had to paint him. And so he became the subject for my very first equine oil painting.

     20" x 24", Oil on canvas

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